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Upcoming Show & A New Track

March 21, 2007

Hey everyone,

so i’ve got some big news. If any of you are interested, here’s an opportunity to see yours truly LIVE. I’ll be performing at the University of Maryland, College Park, for the Liberation in North Korea (LiNK) Coffeehouse event on April 5th at 7PM.

hit me up on myspace, or by email( if you have any questions.

secondly, i’ve just release a new track. It’s called “Through You” and features a very good friend of mine named Jackie. Feel free to lemme know what you think and I hope you enjoy.


gotta admit its been a rollercoaster tryna live for you
through the ups and downs ive seen all the things that you can do
and i know that i (that i) can do all things through you (through you)
through he who gives me strength i wont give up yea~

verse 1:
there are times I wonder why I feel so caught in a loop/
cuz it seems harder to do the things that are honoring you/
I feel farther from you when ever I start to improve/
even though you pour out blessings like a carton of juice/
maybe its all an excuse, but then I can’t refuse the fact/
that I’m moonwalking, every step only moves me back/
im tryna run this race but I’m still slowly losing track/
wanna child like faith, but the kids growing up too fast/
yo wasnt it just the other night you brought conviction to my soul/
granted freedom on the spot along with healing up the whole/
but now the feeling that I got seems to be leaking out some holes/
and I scream for it to stop but I can’t deal with this alone/
I’m feeling so exposed & in need all of your blessings/
cuz times like a fat man, it keeps on eating up the seconds/
yo I’m speaking my confession, Lord I’m trying, does it matter?/
I aint that into fashion but I’m tired of this pattern/

see, i dont really fully understand how to truly be a man/
im just doing what i can but i can’t fully take a stand/
but God by knowing you, you can use me in ya plans/
Lord im feeling overdue, please renew me once again/
as confused a man I am, I still wanna keep the faith/
but its so hard to follow through with all the promises i make/
and all the promises i break only remind me of my past/
cant deny the bags i have, and all the lies that ive amassed/
God please stay within my heart, i really need you hear with me/
i need the peace of jesus not some shiny jesus piece/
so please believe i’m tryna follow you with everything i got/
even though i know that you are clearly everything im not/
tryna depend on you my God, yo your love is so reliable/
ya presence in the presents a gift thats undeniable/
its kinda crazy the way ya grace is calling me to you/
and i guess my lifes your cue to show it always leads to you/

you speak into my life and then cleanse me of my past so i…
get back up again
but i start to wander off, and my focus never lasts so im
on my knees again
ya fill me with your love and then im ready to go so i
get back up again
but maybe i should know that i cant do it all alone so im on
on my knees again

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