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another addition to the family

May 30, 2007

hello world, i’d like you to meet the newest edition to the family…

Korg’s padKontrol… the poor man’s MPC that comes with the poor man’s kaoss pad.

aint she a beaut?

what can this baby do? actually a LOT. and it’ll prob take a really long time for me to learn how to use it fully. but here’s a little demonstration i found on youtube. video after the jump.

i’m excited. it’s more first step into the word of production.

all i need now is a cdj & usb dj mixer, a keyboard, and a new mic somewhere along the way and then i have something that resembles a complete (home) studio. hip hop hooray.

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  1. Lighthouse Ministry permalink
    November 20, 2007 7:32 pm

    dude, I completely didn’t know that you had the exact same layout. my bad man. I have horrible memory. haha. i guess we have the same taste.

  2. Lighthouse Ministry permalink
    March 28, 2008 11:03 pm

    we roll deep!

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