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Wow, The In Transition Mixtape Turns Two Years Old Today

April 8, 2010

Time flies huh? Two years ago I released my debut mixtape entitled In Transition. It was an awesome milestone in my own music career and one I fondly look back upon. I pressed up a couple hundred copies and gave them out at any performances I did and also offered it up as a free DL.

Now I’ll be quite frank and admit that there are things I think I did well with this release, and things that I could most definitely improve upon. The contents of this project were recorded over a span of 5 years, through out most of my college career and a little bit after as well. A lot of great people helped me out with this release and I’m hugely grateful for them. If you want to read a little bit more about it you can check out today’s Weekly Thursday Freebie post on a-Tunes, where I’ve re-released it in commemoration of it’s two year anniversary or you can go straight to the original post from two years ago and DL it from there.

And in case you were wondering, yes I do have some new material on the way. Stay tuned for it later this year =).

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