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What I Lost and Want Back

July 6, 2010

origami birds .

6 years ago I was working as a live-in staff for a youth summer camp in DC. While there I received a small package from my best friend at the time, including a small box with an origami bird inside with a simple message – “Thinking of you” and the date. Little did I know that she had gotten into a fairly bad car accident that day and didn’t want to worry me and tell me so she just sent me the origami instead.

Unfortunately as time went on, we eventually drifted separate ways, that little box got pushed into the back of a drawer, though I always made it a point to keep it. But I guess somewhere along the lines of moving around I lost it, and when I looked for it a couple years ago and couldn’t find it, I was bummed out pretty hard.

I dont mean to get all emo on you suckas though. Just saying I wish I still had it.

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