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New Music: “A Song For You”

September 21, 2010

I drop a song so infrequently I’m sure many of you forget I do music too. Well, it always has been my first love. Before I started reporting and sharing other people’s music I was always into creating my own, though admittedly I’m not as dedicated to it as I once was.

Anyway, today I’d like to present “A Song For You”. I’ve had the beat to Eminem’s “Beautiful” for quite some time now but it wasn’t until I experienced helplessly watching a friend go through a very tough time did I have the lyrics to write this song. I imagine many of you have been in a similar situation – there’s nothing you could do or say to make things better for someone, but you try because you care. That’s all this really is, a song for those hurting. It’s not meant to offer any answers or solutions to life’s problems, just a reminder that we aren’t alone through them.

The song is off my upcoming mixtape, GT & Friends, likely to drop early 2011. Special thanks to Jae Jin for helping rework the vocal sample.

Oh and it’s a free DL =). Grab it here.

Lyrics after the break:

yo imma just be frank today cause i dunno what to say to you
even though i close my eyes and try, i dunno how to pray for you
and i hate it too, cause I’m watching you struggle just to keep the faith
and a part of me, is afraid that it all might be just a bit too late
and admittedly, i feel a bit like my friendship is inadaquate
cause i try to be empathetic though i so don’t know the half of it
so amidst even all this crappiness imma still try to make ya laugh a bit
and i wish i could make it disappear like some elusive magic trick
but i admit i can’t pretend to understand what ya going through
why do the words sound so weak when i tell you God is holding you?
though i know its true, so i say these things all for your sake and…
i recognize that on your side, it must feel like your forsaken
instead of saying stuff like the all same cliches and such
imma take my mouth and make it shut cause i dont think i could say enough
that ya need to hear, but I’m still here for whatever that its worth
I Know God’s got bigger plans for you that’s better than this hurt

sorry i got no words of wisdom that you aint ever heard before
but i can offer to listen and be here til you dont hurt no more
if ya wanna curse the Lord for this perfect storm, heh i wouldnt blame ya
cause ya certainly dont deserve to be in this crazy situation
lately ive been praying you’d have assurance going through this
and that God’ll reveal that ya struggles surely isn’t fruitless
and maybe i sound generic too but just wanna show i care for you
wish i could provide an answer why, but to me its just a variable
this aint fair to you, and dunno why ya going through this BS
but this too shall pass, i promise i know this and believe it
though we live in an effed up world with people that are fake
truth is, in the end none of it can equal to his Grace
I have faith God is working with every ticking of the second hand
but i guess comfort isnt something ya get via second hand
so i reckon that, He’ll find a way for redemption from this struggle
and He’ll never let you go…. simply cause He loves you

this is for my people, and this is for my friends
for when those lonely feelings only growing more intense
and for when ya having trouble tryna put ya hope in Him
yo this songs for you, ya can hold on till the end
this is for my people, and this is for my friends
for when those lonely feelings only growing more intense
and for when ya having trouble tryna put ya hope in Him
yo this songs for us, we can hold on till the end

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