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New Music: “Warrior” – A Song About a Best Friend’s First Born

July 5, 2012

This particular song was written shortly after the birth of Elijah Choi. He is the first born son to one of my oldest friends, Eli and his wife Helen. Elijah’s entrance into the world was not without it’s complications, and although scheduled for birth sometime in early June, he was delivered via C-Section on May 20th. His mother had the God-given instinct to realize that something wasn’t right, and so they went in for a check-up. There, it was discovered that Elijah wasn’t getting blood and had to come out right away if there was any chance for survival.

It was a scary week or so of uncertainty for me, as a bystander – I can only imagine what his parents and family were experiencing. But I’m thankful to say that Elijah has gotten through the worst of it, and all indications point to him being a perfectly healthy little boy.

This was his father’s post on facebook and the inspiration for this song, “Warrior”.

Note: I used a beat by Treble & Blues (w/o permission, heh) called “808s and Quintets“.


I know you can’t understand anything I’m saying
but you’re the result of so many people’s prayers
so if anything i’ll say this, it’s amazing just to meet ya
ya got no idea how truly great it is to see ya!
but hold up – maybe, i should mention
that ya Pops and I really 고백, like confessions
and even our own mothers, they kept it tight in friendship
theres history with our fams, a couple decades I would reckon
I was at ya parents wedding and I saw em tie the knot
Ya Dad may look tough but but I saw him cry a lot
He’s a softie. He may try to play it off
& deny it on the spot, but I know what I saw
I ain’t lying at all! but yo….
i want you to hear this next part..

When ya parents spread the news, they’re expecting you
They were just so thankful – to be blessed with you
Got ya covered in the word – like graffiti
prayed and lifted up their kid, like Rafiki
but fast forward now, back to the present tip
got a text from ya Dad the night of May 20th
the words hit me in the face like manny pacquiao
and I scrambled to sit down – couldn’t handle what I found
Doc said something wasnt right, ya had to come out early, see
ya weren’t getting blood, so ya Mom went into surgery
we prayed and we hoped for our Faith to take hold
cause nobody really knew if you’d make it fa sho
but by His Grace ya came home – we no longer had to wonder
you were touched by a 천사, and you fought like a 전사
you a fighter, boy! their little pride and joy…
so welcome little warrior, Elijah Choi!

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  1. idash permalink
    July 5, 2012 2:32 pm

    GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Really touching story and song.. Baby Elijah looks cute and healthy!

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