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Soli Deo gloria

September 13, 2012

I love my balcony. It’s small, and only has room for a couple deck chairs and a petite side table; but it’s my quiet place, my sanctuary, if you will. I’ve lived at this apartment for going on 4 years now, but it’s really become apparent this summer how important this place is to me. This is where I find myself going to pray, mull through my frustrations and collect my thoughts. And at the end of it all, I always arrive at the same conclusion – “thank You, God”.

My neighborhood is essentially split into two halves, with condos and townhomes on one side, separated from the the single family homes on another by a few acres of trees. My unit backs up to said wooded area, with my balcony overlooking it all. It’s secluded and quiet enough that I feel like I’m completely alone, save for the presence of God. Perhaps this is why I find moments of tranquility and clarity here.

See, I’m a big subscriber to the idea of perspective. #FirstWorldProblems is often the frame of mind that I use to keep myself in check and help remember that things aren’t nearly as bad as they could be and that I am so lucky in comparison to some. But this evening, it went a little beyond that. For the first time, I removed myself from any sort of reference or context and just relished being there, in the moment with my Creator. And although the night started off with me contemplating what’s “gone well” and what “hasn’t gone according to plan” in my life, it suddenly all felt so absurd and quite frankly irrelevant.

Nevermind my accomplishments, nevermind my shortcomings, and nevermind the fact that I am lucky to be so much less in want when compared to some. Because now I’m becoming re-acquainted with the concept that God alone is reason for me to be thankful, and it’s amazing.

A homie recently randomly dropped the phrase “Soli Deo gloria” in a conversation, and at first it threw me for a loop. I mean who says that? Much less over Kakao? But you know what? Nothing rings truer.

And with that, I can only say, “thank You”.

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  1. jiheon permalink
    September 13, 2012 12:55 am

    soli deo gloria!!

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