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Sunset & Baccarats

October 14, 2013


First things first, click play on the song below. It adds context (and a touch of class, if I do say so myself) to the post.

It always puzzles me how a smell can transport us to another place and time, evoking strong memories and situations from days past. Occasionally, music will do the same for me and it’s always kind of startling and bizarre to experience. This occurred for me today while fishing by the bay. I was listening to Pandora and George Winston’s piano arrangement of Pachabel’s “Canon” came on. Suddenly I felt my heart and mind instantly transported to the summer of 2004.

That season and year was a transformative phase for me. A large part of that was due to the time I spent volunteering at a urban children’s ministry in DC called Little Lights. The days were long, the experience was trying, and we were hit with an endless stream of tough, humbling moments and the accompanying undeserved Grace that would lift us up again.

As you can imagine, after serving a jam-packed, hectic day running a summer camp program, we relished and treasured our moments of peace and rest. I remember coming across a George Winston CD, December, that my mentor at the time owned and popped it in. That’s when I heard “Variations on the Kanon”, and although it was far from my first time hearing the song, this particular rendition became an instant favorite of mine. I vividly recall laying down on my bottom bunk bed, listening to this on repeat after a long week of camp and just feeling a sense of calm. For me, it was almost like an audible reminder that “God is Good”.

So now, back to this evening, as I leaned against the railing, fishing pole in hand and watching the sunset, this song comes on and it was 2004 all over again. But what I recollect the most was how, almost a decade ago at the age of 19, I was surrounded by Love. I was in Love with God, with His people, with a girl, with ministry, and with the idea of Love itself – as corny as that may sound.

And then it hit me. Life may have taken a few twists and turns along the way, but here I am at (nearly) 29 and learning to Love all over again… only with an added dose of perspective that can only come from 10 additional years of experience. And now I’m thinking that I can’t wait to see what Love will look and be like in another 10 years. I imagine it’ll be different in some ways, just as it is now, but certainly more powerful and amazing than ever.


Most of the Camp Heaven crew. 2004

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