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New Music Video: “Belladonna”

November 9, 2013

I have a tendency to work on music and kind of sit on it for a while before finishing and releasing it. It’s a bad habit but it comes with the territory with music being more of a hobby than a career. Sometimes I’ll have something sitting around for years before I share it with anyone else – and usually there are various reasons behind it.

Well, “Belladonna” is kinda like that. I wrote the song a little while ago but didn’t get around to recording it until recently. I think I avoided it because initially the lyrics were just too emotionally charged for me and I wasn’t quite sure how to handle everything – it was still too raw and unrefined. But after I finally completed tracking it, I realized I liked the song and felt a strong enough of a connection to want to do a music video for it.

I’ve never done a music video before. So this is a first for me. But feel free to be as harsh or as lenient in your feedback as you see fit. This song, like most of my work, is more for my sake than yours anyway – I guess I’m selfish like that, haha. Though on a side note, I pretty much wore every item of clothing that I own for the shoot.

Oh and the beat is borrowed from one of my tried and true favorites, Atmosphere. The original song is called “My Notes”.

So without further ado, I present “Belladonna”. And yes, I know, it’s kinda emo like your umma’s sister. I get the feels sometimes too, ok? But there is a bonus ending so stick around for that. And lastly, the GT & Friends project is still on it’s way. It’s just perpetually delayed, like Dre’s Detox.

Lyrics are below.

I’ll get down straight to the point, exclamation mark
I hate to say this part, but I already came this far
This is my wake up call and I can’t right a wrong
so I put it all in this verse so I could write a song
look it’s true I caught feelings when I’m usually not really
a dude who falls silly cause I’m truthfully a cynic
but when you would talk with me, yo I didn’t wanna stop
so I kept asking God… if this is real or not?
after given it some thought, Don’t wanna put you on the spot
but you’re just so amazing, I wanted to give it all I got!
Started looking for an open door as I got to know you more
Thinking maybe you’re the one, but then I learned ya spoken for
Whoa, hold the horse! Guess I shouldn’t be surprised
Cause A girl like you is rare, all I can do is get in line…
Now I’m in the friend zone, don’t mind bein a friend though
I told myself your happiness would be my end goal
but as things would unfold, I had to be honest with my self
I had to keep it real and acknowledge what I felt
Told God I want whats best for you but hold on here’s the thing
I think I only said it cause I was hoping that its me
But slowly I would see that my prayers were a farce
I was only looking out for me, not caring for ya heart
maybe this is minuscule, maybe I sound pitiful
But Imma make some changes like I’m in a fitting room
& stop thinking individual, I’m here to let you go
I sincerely only wish that God will bless you both
Less than a divided number.

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