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A Big, Fat Hello to 2010

January 3, 2010

Wow. It’s 2010. Shouldn’t I be crusing around in a flying car and shipping packages via teleportation as we all prance around in unisex onesies? Regardless Happy New Years everyone.

So I made the trip up to Jersey this weekend. Conducted interviews for a-Tunes with the MUzO crew (Johnnyphlo & Decipher). In the midst of it all we got some grub at the infamous grease trucks of Rutgers. Everyone thought I was strange for having no clue what a “fat sandwich” was, so I got to find out first hand… and let me tell you the name is fitting.

It’s not so much the sandwiches are huge (they are big but certainly not ginormous), but it’s more the fact the ingredients are so DENSE and deep friend that they will quickly make anyone who consumes them fat.

Even the legendary show ‘Man vs Food’ held an episode centered around these sandwiches. I had the famous ‘Fat Darrell’ but watch on to get an idea of what I was dealing with.

So yea, it tasted awesome but if I’m not careful 2010 will turn out to be my weight and not just the year.

GT = Grotesquely Tubby

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