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D to the, R U Drunken? To the T to the, I, G, We R

January 7, 2010

DT influenced me so much in ’99 and Tiger JK’s still doin it big over a decade later. The video ain’t fancy but it’s raw, and it struck a chord with me. Big ups to JK for representing all these years.

You can catch the translated lyrics after the jump.

I hate myself
I despise this world that never believed in me
As a matter of fact, I always pray and pray for these motherfuckers’ downfall
Jealousy and envy always get the best of me
Next thing I know, I turn evil
But I keep fronting
Telling myself “I don’t need no money and fame. Fuck ’em.”
I’m a slave of this moment
I’m a slave of Time
And I’m a slave of this mundane loop of life
Yup, it’s that time again
I gotta do what time tells me to do
Yes massah!
Time tells me to forget about what I want and dream and do the same thing that I do
Yes massah!
I wanna fight, break these chains, run away from this plantation of time
But I’m a coward
I won’t say nothing
I can’t say nothing
But when I’m drunk, I turn into a warrior from “300”
And I’m about to destroy and crush all the things that I envy
All the things that I wanna get but I will never get
I’m a coward 
And I hate myself

Cuz when it rains, it pours but I would never give up
Gonna see the storm through and change my luck
It just another day so I know It’s ok

Cuz when it rains, it pours but I would never give up
Gonna see the storm through and change my luck
It just another day so I know It’s ok

I live in a world, where you can even buy love with money
Half my brain is filled with money
The other half is filled with numbers
All I do is calculate
And the stairway to heaven seems so far away
You can change weather with money
You can move the hot July sun over the winter storm
One poet once told me “The definition of Haves and Have Nots is only a state of mind.”
But fuck — that motherfucker’s crazy
He must be smoking something when he wrote that line
But yeah, he fooled me. He fooled me good
I was a fool on a stage rocking mics, jumping around
All I wanted was to get props from the crowd
All I wanted to hear was “Hey”s and “Ho”s really loud
But things changed
I know too much
I just want to live
I just want to have
And I’m willing to do anything to live and to have
But all I know how to do is rock mics, jump around and get “Hey”s and “Ho”s
But at the end of the day, I’m out of dough
And I told you, I’m a coward
And mo’fucka, don’t you dare take this shit away from me
Cuz I’ll kill you
But I know I won’t
Tell you the truth — I’m scared as hell, man
I told you I was a coward
I don’t believe in destiny
But I blame destiny
And I blame the President
I saw a reflection of myself off the bling from a fat ride
Parked in a bougie ass mothafuckin restaurant
And that mothafucka looked so sad
I hate myself

Cuz when it rains it pours but I would never give up
Gonna see the storm through and change my luck
It just another day so I know It’s ok

Cuz when it rains it pours but I would never give up
Gonna see the storm through and change my luck
It just another day so I know It’s ok

I should have prayed for my future
As much as I have prayed for your downfall
Always the next mothafucka seems to have more than me
But I have just enough to get by
If I don’t hold on, I will die
Cuz this mothafucka named MYELITIS always looking for a chance to kill me
And if I don’t hold on, my family will starve
I get strength from the next mothafucka that’s sicker than me
The sword of guilty conscience’s always sticking me, slicing my heart
And my heart feels the blade
And mothafuckin shit hurts
I try to measure the next mothafuckas happiness with mine
And I try to measure the next mothafuckas tragedy with mine
And I go crazy sometimes
Which side am I on?
But all I know for sure is that everything’s a lie
Or is it?
Reporters, Grifters, Reporters, Hustlers, Reporters, Grifters, Tvs, Hustlers
Mothafuckin Propaganda
Shit, here it goes again
The media’s moving the crowd’s mind like I move the crowd with my mic
Yeah mothafuckas
Please take my sword away and stick it where it belongs
Please stick it in your heart
Please try
Feel my pain
Scream my name
Take my friends
Fuck it!
Take him, too
This mothafucka named Myelitis
Once you get a piece of my mind that plays tricks on me sometimes
Or maybe all the time
And please take the cyst off my mom’s womb
I wrote my name on a white piece of paper — 
3 Letters — “Jun Kwon Suh”
Which gave him the right to my soul
The right to my youth
Man, ten years gone.
I was prostituted, pimped, pimp slapped
My soul was at the lowest of the food chain
And shit, I’m still chained up
Even when I’m free
Yeah, I’m jealous
I envy you
And I hate you
And I hate myself for that

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  1. January 7, 2010 9:29 pm

    Seriously, what can you say to that?

    It’s things like this that all the greats do, whether they are recognized greats or not. Putting it all out there for the world to see is gutsy. It’s opening all the wounds you ever had and letting the world look at you. It’s brave. We fight the hardest when we feel we can’t go any lower sometimes, and that’s kinda proof of that.

    This was cool. Thanks for the lyrics.


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