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More Talent from the DMV: Introducing K-Prime

February 2, 2011

I keep saying it over and over again, but it’s been a blessing to have the opportunity to meet and befriend so many talented individuals. I honestly do believe the DMV to be an underrated area, with so much talent but not quite as much wide-spread recognition that many of the other areas in the US have to show for. Case in point, K-Prime. This guy is one half of the duo known as Black Sand and is a more than capable MC himself. He doesn’t quite fit the mold for a feature on a-Tunes but I still wanted to make sure I do my part to share his work with you all. Peep the following two tracks, the first being a remix of a Lupe track K-Prime did in honor of his own birthday, and the second is a new single featuring Karima Scott on the vocals called “Watch Your Step”. The latter song in particular is a doozy, so don’t sleep!

For more on K-Prime, visit his site or hit the kid up on Twitter. Tell ’em GT sent ya! haha


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