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A Little Snippet of New Music – “Mayday!”

May 13, 2011

Uh what? New music? From GT? Yes and no. I had the itching to put something together last night and this was the product. It’s not exactly finished, but it’s close. But I didn’t want to keep my 6 fans waiting. It was done on a day in May plus it’s a general sign of things to come, hence the title. Just know I ain’t done with music yet muthasuckas!

heh, wait … so imma have to spit a verse
maybe something spicy to chew on, cinnaburst
hit em where it really hurts, pinch a nerve, with some words
ya heard it first, sub-sonic murder sound, kilohertz!
heres a clean sixteen like an abstinent teen
if ya looking for the king, just ask and receive
im the man that you seek, and I’m glad to be he
better known as GT, the passionate MC!
its a warning for you fools writing wack raps
betta get ya head adjusted, like a snapback
or maybe you should run, hit the track jack
Ya just a product of the Hunt, like a snackpack
I’m goin in… like my mothers calling
so ya betta save ya game, time for you to pause it
my victory is flawless, but if it’s any solace
I got that Navi flow cause I aint ever lost yet! chyea!

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