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New Music: “Adagio” featuring Lily Bee

December 11, 2011


Hello friends. I’m back, coming out of the woodwork once again to share some new music with you all =). This one is called “Adagio” and is another song off my future mixtape, GT & Friends. So of course, this includes another collaboration – the wonderfully talented Lily Bee. If you don’t know who she is, then you should! If you mix the warm voice of Norah Jones with the SoCal charm of  Colbie Caillat, then you might be able to imagine what Lily Bee might sound like. I had the awesome opportunity to work with the artist during her short stint here on the East Coast, and made sure I didn’t let her return to sunny California without blessing me with a track.

So there you go. Some might call this one soft, or a little sappy, but who hasn’t felt like that once in a while? Maybe this one will keep you just a little bit warmer this winter. Otherwise, stay tuned for next time. I’ll be sure to bring you a headbanger – keeping it real, fo shiggity, fo jinjja my ninja. Word is bond, to the break of dawn. Peace outside.

Below you’ll find the lyrics video, a little kinetic typography courtesy of YMG (Yo Media Group).

Aaaaaand, if you’re so inclined, feel free to DL the track, as a freebie of course via Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Instrumental: 배치기 – 편지

One more chance
One more glance
One more dance, tonight
Show me love
You’re the one I think of
You make me feel all right

Verse 1
The beginning of story, it started with ya smile
Followed partially by ya eyes & partially by ya style
Got to talking and then I… wait, pardon me a while
‘Cause a part of me is arguably in marginal denial
It’s been a long time, its almost new to me
I used to be so jaded like chinese jewelery
The thought of you & me caused a bit of a spark
Kinda like a book ya read… by Nicholas Sparks
Hey look, I want you to know that I’m only grateful
Truth is, I like you, and I don’t mean facebook
Maybe this is corny, me confessing these feelings
Dunno how ya see me but I’m asking that ya gimme just…

Verse 2
I dunno know what’s in a day but I know ya make mine
Imma call it as I see it, iPhone & Facetime
Don’t wanna waste time, got something to pass on
Cause I’m big on ya type, call it a caps lock
Taking all of my hats off, you deserve the respect
I admire ya drive, I could learn from the best
I’m digging everything from the way you laugh and
How ya don’t chase dreams but you make ’em happen
Crazy how youre always able and willing to help
And how ya never afraid to be silly ya self
Forgive me girl, just wanna compliment you
‘Cause I’m hoping i could be someone that complements you (ya know?)

Verse 3
Yo, all I’m saying is that I wanna be with you
And hey… maybe nothing will happen
But I’m hoping that ya see me in the picture soon
Like a coming attraction
I’m just spitting what I know girl, yes indeed
Checking why I feel this way, WebMD
‘Cause truth be told I think you’re beautiful
From ya cutesy nose down to ya cuticles
yo I’d treat ya right, if I only had the chance
Lady got me kinda Gaga – no bad romance
Think I said too much, I don’t really have plan
So let me start over & ask…

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